Special Content SANRIO SHAKE DE PON!

The characters are all dressed up in their best outfits and are waiting inside the capsules!
Shake your smartphone and a character will pop up at random!
Collect the characters that you shake and get! Try and get all 100 of them☆!
And if you get your favorite character, be sure to put in a vote for them!

N.B. This content is only available on smartphones.

How to Play

  • Press the start button and
    shake your smartphone!

  • Get a character with

  • Collect the characters that you get!

Here’s how to enjoy it even more!

You can play up to 5 times a day, but if you share on Twitter, you can get one more try for each day (6 times/day)!

*The counter for the number of times you can play each day will reset at midnight.

Bonus Presents


When you vote in the Character Ranking, you can receive a digital picture to color in☆!
*Japanese version Only


You’ll also get special bonuses when you get a really rare character in the SHAKE DE PON!
*In Japan only

You can play “SANRIO SHAKE DE PON!” on your own smartphone!


This content uses cookies to store information about the characters that you have received.
If you erase your cookies or play using a different browser, please understand that this information will not be available.
Also, please be sure to check the information provided by Sanrio titled “About this Site”.
*The counter for the number of times you can play each day will reset at midnight.

System Requirements

  • ■ iOS 9 safari or above
  • ■ Android 5.0or above / latest standard browser / latest Chrome browser
  • ■ If you upgrade your OS version, it may not work properly.
  • ■ You may encounter operational issues/it may not work even with the above requirements if your phone does not have a built-in gyro sensor.